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The project is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and executed by a coalition of organizations and individuals with diverse and complementary skills and areas of expertise. Beyond the core team, a broad set of global and country-specific stakeholders are also being engaged in a highly collaborative co-design process.
The Team

This investment is one of a suite of investments under the foundation’s Vaccine Introduction portfolio contributing to the common goal of enabling the vaccination of at least 500 million health care workers and other high-risk individuals in 2021.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Final Mile are specialists in behavioral insights & architecture, psycho-behavioral segmentation and human-centered design. They have worked on psycho-behavioral segmentation on other behavioral challenges, and have been on the forefront on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy research across geographies.

Final Mile

DesireLine is a consultancy that aims to influence and evolve the development sector to realize transformational impact in improving the health and well-being of the world’s most vulnerable populations. DesireLine networks, leads, and integrates the approaches of multidisciplinary teams with expertise in behavioral, social, and data sciences, and in human-centered design.


LinChait is an independent consultant specializing in data science and research methods. Since 1998, she has conducted program assessment across a wide array of domains. LinChiat’s work in data science ranges from data discovery, evaluation, and transformation to data analytics and visualizations grounded in machine learning algorithms, spanning both predictive and exploratory models.

LinChiat Chang

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